Is a contract required for your services?

For skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospices we use a standard HIPAA vendor agreement. No payment contract is required as we work directly with patient's insurance companies to collect payment.


How much do your services cost?

As we work directly with patients' insurance companies, there is no direct cost to skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, or hospices. 


Do you need an order from the patient's primary care provider (PCP)?

We will need a signed order from the Medical Director of the hopsice for all patients in hospice care. We will also need a signed consultation request for any patient who has HMO or IPA coverage. The consultation request should specifically indicate a wound consult and g-tube replacement by Wound Care Surgeons.


Can you work with patients from Kaiser or Health Care Partners?

Yes, as long as the Kaiser PCP or HCP PCP gives us a written consultation order or request, our billing department will contact them to obtain pre-authorization. 


What is the turnaround time to see a patient? 

Once all of the patient's paperwork has been submitted and processed, we will see the patient within 3 business days. It may take longer if the patient's location is out of our coverage area; we will inform you if there will be a delay. 


How soon can a dislodged feeding tube be replaced?

We can replace the feeding tube same day if the patient is nearby and it is before 4:00 p.m. Otherwise, we can replace it first thing in the following morning. 


Would you visit a patient just to see or assess the wound?

These are determined on a case-by-case basis. All patients referred to WCS will need to send a recent picture of the wound. All others queries regarding treatment or assessments will be communicated to you by the office staff.


Do you inform PCPs of the wound progress?

We send all progess reports and assesments back to the facility within 24 hours of our visit. You should communicate with the patient's PCP from there. And our providers are always availabIe to coordinate care or answer any question or concerns.


Would you sign a CMS-485 (Plan of Care) Form?

We do not sign CMS-485 forms because we are not primary care providers. We are only providing physician services for the wounds and feeding tube and will sign all orders related to the feeding tube and wound care (mattress, special orthotic shoes, antibiotics, supplies, etc.).


Do you do face-to-face recertification of the home bound patients?

No, we do not provide this service because we are not primary care providers.